TV Sitcom Submissions

What we're looking for:

Here and Now Repeatable Stories

We love comedies that have a broad appeal and that means a story we can relate to; the universal themes of family, friends and relationships set in the UK are always a big seller. Unheard voices and unseen locations can give an edge. Repeatable sitcoms, rather than narratives, are a high focus at the moment, to leverage multi-series commissioning opportunities.

Funny, Funny, and more Funny

It sounds obvious, but the sitcom must be funny. We love a high joke-to-page count, so don't feel you have to hold back. Think of shows like Friends, Friday Night Dinner and Father Ted. The comedy is usually in the character flaws and how these are exploited.

30 Minute Slot-Filler

Sitcoms generally sit in 30 minute slots. Accounting for ads during and between shows, that gives a 22 minute running time.

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