Music Videos

Music Videos

Your latest single has taken months, if not years to produce from lyric concept to recorded master. Your audience will enjoy the opportunity to download the single to their media device. However, to fully market your product you need a music video that truly captures the spirit and emotion of your composition. This is where we can help. Our team of creatives can work with you to design a video that perfectly matches your vision for your music video, and deliver it ready for release. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help to realise the potential of your latest performance masterpiece.

Music TV Ready

Maximise the reach of your product by making your new track appealing to music TV channels with a ready-to-go music video of broadcast quality.

Online Potential

Release your video online to maximise the reach of new audiences. Eye-catching video is proven to increase the visibility of new music releases through general online and social media release.

Professional Look

Get noticed as a professional business that is serious about their music and reap the benefits of maximised exposure through increased bookings with venues.

Increased Hits

Drive more hits to your own social media pages or your website with rich content that grabs the imagination and also those all-important search results. More hits = more exposure = more potential income.

Music Video and Corporate Video Production with 
Amber Crane Media


Why Choose Us?

Creative Contributor

Whatever your needs, we can provide creative contributors, where required, to assist in designing your desired video production solution. From Copywriters to Directors, we can be your creative partners so you don't have to worry about the detail.

Professional Team

Our team are highly professional as well as technically superb. We will engage with your team to establish your needs and will liaise with you along the way while delivering a solution worthy of your music production. We won't rely on you to tell us how to deliver your product, but you can have as much input as you want to.


We put passion into every project we undertake. Ultimately we are creatives and love the work we do. This will show in the music video we deliver for you. We are confident that you will want to come back to us again and again.

Film Background

We have a background in film, but our roots are in live music performance. This puts us in a perfect position to deliver a music video that's not only appropriate for your music, but if visually beautiful as well.

Media Backup

We understand that disasters can happen. That's why we offer a media backup service for 4 weeks on every job we perform - as standard and for free!


We are with you every step of the way. We will work with your teams from inception all the way to delivery. We're hear to listen to your needs.

Standards Compliant

We offer industry-standard media compliance for requested services. If you are delivering to terrestrial broadcasters, or even Netflix, media standards compliance is a big deal. We can deliver.

Problem Solvers

Our team members are great problem solvers, who are capable of designing solutions to last-minute issues on the fly. Feel safe in the knowledge that you have a capable team that are ready to ensure your project is a success.